Selling sexy snuffboxes to schoolgirls, 1816

A naughty picture

A naughty picture

Union Hall: J. Price was brought up by Mr Byers, Inspector of Licenses, charged with hawking goods, not having a licence.

Mr Byers stated, that being at Richmond on Wednesday last, he observed the defendant going from house to house, selling twine and snuffboxes.

He went up to him, and asked him for his licence; the defendant produced one which was out of date, and acknowledged he had no other.

The defendant pleaded great poverty, and said he was ignorant of his licence having expired.

The magistrate was about to discharge him when, upon further investigation, it was discovered that many of the snuff-boxes had indecency and obscene engravings and pictures upon them, some of them very highly finished.

A not so naughty snuffbox.

A not so naughty snuffbox.

On being closely interrogated buy the magistrate, the defendant was obliged to confess that he was in the habit of exposing these boxes to view at Ladies’ boarding-schools, and of disposing of many of them to the young pupils!!!

The magistrate animadverted in severe terms on the conduct of the defendant, and regretted that his power of punishing him extended no further, in the first instance, than fining him 10l.

From The Examiner, 29 September 1816